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Friday, February 23, 2018


TOUR: The Old Mining Towns

Banská ŠtiavnicaSitno Peak – Sklenné Teplice Spa – Open - Air Mining Museum – Mining Shafts – Kremnica – Hronsek Church – Špania Dolina

Duration Tour: 8 days / 7 nights

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Visit old mining towns, the most interesting places in Slovakia. Banská Štiavnica and Kremnica offer historic tours around the town centres, museum collections, steeple streets and ancient buildings. There are also famous for their own mining shafts which can be access with the experience guide.
Sklené Teplice Thermal Spa is located in a beautiful valley, on the hillside of Štiavnické Hills. Spa offers various spa treatments and hot bath pools where you can relax.

Nature of Kremincké Hills is outstanding for its various living species and flora. Its spectacular views can be experience by well-range hikes. Come over to visit the Geographical centre of Europe!


  • You can visit historic mining towns of Banská Štiavnica, Kremnica and Špania Valley near Banská Bystrica!
  • You can experience walking tour around “Tajch” lakes and hike on Sitno Peak!
  • You can enjoy all day in Sklené Teplice Spa and experience various spa treatments including famous “Parenica” sitting pool!
  • You can explore various old mining Shafts in Banská Šiavnica and Kremnica!
  • You can enjoy Salamander´s Days and Folk Traditional Market in Banská Štiavnica!
  • You can visit Kreminické Bane Village which is the Geographical centre of Europe!
  • You can explore The Hronsek Wooden Church which is on the list of UNESCO!
  • You can experience tradition of lace making in Špania Valley!
  • You can experience the spectacular wonders of nature!
  • You can taste traditional Slovakian food and drinks!



Day 1

Destination Time Itinerary  
- - Arrival at Bratislava Airport

Meeting with an English-speaking guide

Transfer to Banská Štiavnica, accommodation
at the guesthouse, rest and free time




Day 2

Destination Time Itinerary image21aimage22aimage012
Banská Štiavnica town

It is in the middle of an immense caldera, a cauldron-like feature created by the collapse of an ancient volcano. Because of its size, the caldera is known as Štiavnica Mountains and is a completely preserved medieval town. Because of their historical value, the town and its surroundings were declared by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site.

08:00 Breakfast at the guesthouse

Sightseeing tour - walking tour around the historic town, visiting Holy Trinity Square, the Town Hall, the Church of St. Catherine and the old Chateau, wherethere are exhibitions of baroque plastic art and worldfamous tobaccopipe craft, as well as an exhibition of the art of the blacksmith. The tower offers an unforgettable view of the town.

13:00 Lunch at a local restaurant
14:00 Sightseeing tour – visiting the Piarg Gate and the New Chateau
15:00 Coffee break in a local café
15:45 Walking tour – Calvary hill, with a splendid view of the town.
17:00 Free time for shopping and relaxing
18:30 Dinner at the guesthouse, summing up of the day and a couple of drinks.


Day 3

Destination Time Itinerary



The Sitno Highland

It rises well above the surrounding countryside and is the highest part of the Štiavnica Hills. Access to its upper part is limited on three sides by rocky walls, 80m high. Sitno dominates the surrounding country landscape and an observation tower from the 18th century is open to the public at the top of it. There is also a tourist information centre, inside which there is a small exhibition about state nature conservancy.


Breakfast at the guesthouse

09:00 Transfer by minibus to Počúvadlo lake
09:30  All day hiking tour up to Sitno Peak – having the best view of the town and its surroundings
13:00 Lunch at a local restaurant
14:00  Walking tour – around ‘Tajch’ lakes Počúvadlo and Klinger are perfect for recreation, fishing, swimming and other water sports
17:00  Transfer by minibus to the guesthouse

Relaxing and free time 


Dinner at the ERB Brewery, including a brewery tour and tasting its own beers. Summing up of the day and a couplemore drinks


Day 4

Destination Time Itinerary






Sklenné Teplice Spa

The spa is located in a beautiful valley among the Štiavnica Hills. The temperature of its hot springs varies from 37-52°C. Hot springs are used for the treatment of mobile issues and the nervous system. Winters are generally moderate here, the reason why visiting this spa town is suitable at any time of the year. Visitors to the spa can,thanks to its excellent position, also spend time hiking in the surrounding Štiavnica Hills.

08:00 Breakfast at the guesthouse

Transfer by local bus to Sklenné Teplice Spa 


Sightseeing tour -Sklenné Teplice Spa


Entry into the Spa including various spa treatments such as the famous “Parenica” sitting pool 


Lunch in the spa complex


Transfer by local bus back to Banská Štiavnica


Dinner at the traditional “Koliba” in Banská Štiavnica, with folk music. Summing up of the day and a couple of drinks

Day 5

Destination Time Itinerary  

The Open Air Mining Museum

An attractive exhibition located in former mediaeval mines. Follow an underground path through the old galleries, where silver and gold were extracted. On the surface is an exhibition of mining equipmentand architecture.

The Mining exhibition –Kammerhof

Exhibitions are focused on mining, mining science, technology and education in Slovakia, book culture and on the various world primacies of the historical town of Banská Štiavnica.

08:00 Breakfast at the guesthouse




Sightseeing tour - The Open Air Mining Museum – the Bartolomej and
Ondrej shafts – tour inside the shafts 


Sightseeing tour - Kammerhof and the Knocking Tower – Klopačka. This tower-like structure houses a sound apparatus, which used to remind the miners when they were due to start work. 

12:00 Lunch at a local restaurant

Sightseeing tour - Shaft Glanzenberg - The country’s youngest mining museum. The tunnel belongs to one of the oldest mines in the region. 


*Salamander’s Days / Folk Crafts and Traditional Market - traditional food and drink tasting


Dinner at a local restaurant, summing up of the day and a couple of drinks

Day 6

Destination Time Itinerary  

Kremnica town is an ancient town with the council castle complex situated in the centre, along with the charnel house and ossuary. Six exhibitions of the Kremnica Coin and Medal Museum are also located there. Kremnica is the home of the Slovak National Mint, which is the oldest in the world. The castle is protected by fortifications, which the city walls are attached to. These are considered and classified as being the most preserved in Slovakia.

The Andrej Shaft is the only well-preserved mining work of art in Kremnica that is not only technical in its nature, but safe for visitors too.The Andrej shaft is noted for several mining works of art that date back to the 19th and even the 16th century. These are the result of a geological survey of miners in the 1980's.

07:00 Breakfast at the guesthouse








Transfer by local bus to Kremnica town


Accommodation at the guesthouse 


Sightseeing tour - the historic town of Kremnica, including a visit to St. Catherine’s Church and Kremnica Mint. The National Mint was established in 1328 and for nearly seven centuries has been continuously producing articles that rank among the world's top products. 


Lunch at a local restaurant 


Visiting the Andrej Shaft – exploring the shaft with typical miner’s equipment


Transfer by minibus to Kremnické Bane village, the geographical centre of Europe


Transfer by minibus to Kremnica town

18:00 Dinner at the guesthouse, summing up of the day and a couple of drinks

Day 7

Destination Time Itinerary  

Hronsek Church is the only wooden church in Slovakia exhibiting such architectural influences from Scandinavia as the beam connections and the way the columns are arranged.

The Maximilian and Ludovik Shafts

Banská Bystrica in the past gained its wealth from the copper ore mined in the administrative region of Špania Dolina, a village in the Staré Hory hills.

Traditional Lacemaking

Local women (and a few men) are still keeping the local tradition of lacemaking alive. Beautiful and valuable laces of different shapes and sizes are made in the village and are famous worldwide. They can be made-to-measure for those who would prefer a particular size, shape or design.


Breakfast at the guesthouse








Transfer by train to Zvolen town, continuing to Hronsek village by minibus 


Sightseeing tour – Hronsek church 

10:00 Transfer by minibus to Špania Dolina village

Sightseeing tour - Špania Dolina village – visit to the Conversion of the Lord church, built onthe Renaissance building of the former Klopačka (knocker) and Mining Clock


Lunch at a local restaurant


Visit to the Maximilian and Ludovik shafts on the way to Halda Hill – giving a magnificent view of Kremnica Hills


Transfer to Banská Bystrica - accommodation at the guesthouse - free time for shopping


Dinner at a local restaurant, summing up of the tour with gifts and a couple of drinks

Day 8

Destination Time Itinerary  
- -

Transfer to Bratislava Airport for return flight 
Departure – END OF SERVICE



Additional info

*Salamander’s Days - Available only in period 10.09.2015 - 12.09.2015 / Folk Crafts and Traditional Market - traditional food and drink tasting

Dates and prices


From 1st MAY – to 31st OCTOBER

The Price

Prices are in Euros.

  • Price per person (in 2-person room): from EUR 599 / person
  • Single supplement (optional, ensures single occupancy) or travelling with children. If this would be of interest, please let us know and we will be happy to provide prices.
  • Minimum group size: 6 persons

Services included in main tour price:

Services excluded in main tour price:

  • Double / Single accommodation
  • Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners – main menu in the guesthouse
  • English-speaking guide
  • Transport service throughout the tour
  • Bottles of mineral water
  • Entrance fees to all sightseeing activities
  • Gifts from Outdoor Slovakia.com
  • Airfare
  • All optional deviations from the main itinerary
  • Lunches, Dinners – outside the guesthouse
  • Beverages / coffee breaks
  • Photo and video charges
  • All personal expenses (extra luggage fee, room service, medical expenses / insurance, etc.)
  • Trip cancellation / accident insurance


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